The BOM Cost

The module provides functionality for BOM costing

this module shows the cost price in the BOM of the product, the total cost price and the total BOM cost. 

  • This module shows you the cost price in BOM of the product.
  • Shows you the total cost price.
  • shows you the total BoM Cost.
  • This module allows you to print the BoM list in PDF.
The MRP Bom Cost Module add new field Cost prices in the BoM line
This field shows BoM product per quantity cost.
The MRP Bom Cost Module add a new field Total Cost prices in the BoM line.

This field shows BoM product quantity Total cost
The MRP Bom Cost Module add a new field Total BoM price in BoM from view.

This field shows the Total BoM product cost.
The MRP Bom Cost Module add the BoM LIST pdf file in the print option

Print a pdf report.
The MRP Bom Cost Module provide a pdf report.

In this pdf report Product name, Product quantity and Total BoM Cost are shown or all Bom product names, quantity, quantity price and total prices are shown in order line