Stock Inventory Report in xlsx

Stock Inventory Report in xlsx


To successfully grow a business, managing the inventory stock as accurately and optimally as possible is essential.

One way to do this is by using and understanding the right inventory management reports. Inventory reports are crucial to maintaining the right balance of stock in our warehouses.

Wouldn’t it be great if we were given a feature to extract and compare our inventoried products, their cost and valuation for a date range?

We can help you with your requirements:

Important features:
  • Generate stock inventory real-time report by specific dates.
  • Get the report exported in xlsx file format.
  • Besides product name, get details of internal reference, location name, opening stock, incoming quantities, outgoing quantities, adjusted quantities, internal transfers and closing stock.
  • Option to fetch the data with and without valuation of the stock.
  • A company-specific report in the multi-company scenario.
  • Option to skip products/locations having stock quantity as zero (0).
We can follow these steps and extract the desired reports:

Navigate to Inventory > Reports > Stock XLSX Report Menu and fill in all the needed information.

We can select if we want a location-wise report or a summarised report. 

Location wise:

Report can be downloaded from the download wizard, which opens automatically after export.