Real Reasons Why ERP Systems Fail

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Real Reasons Why ERP Systems Fail

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, you’ve likely heard plenty of stories of companies that implemented an ERP system and ended up experiencing failure.  According to research 70-80% of ERP projects either fail or don't meet their intended objectives. But what causes an ERP project to fail? some of the common mistakes that, if avoided, can greatly improve your probability of success, and these are mentioned below:

1. Best Business Practices /inaccurate requirements

2. Business leadership is not committed to the implementation

3. Insufficient team resources

4. Lack of accountability to make timely, high-quality decisions

5. Implementation Budget

6. Training and Education

7. Insufficient data cleansing

8. Insistence on making ERP look like a legacy.

9. Lack of testing

10. Taking Responsibility Leads to Success

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If you avoid these ten, your odds of avoiding an ERP failure will improve dramatically.

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