How To Easily Reserve the quantity of product in delivery order?

This module gives you flexibility, in addition, by using this App for small businesses or large businesses you can easily reserve the quantity of the product in the delivery order.

In this module, we can easily reserve the quantity of the product in the delivery order after creating the sale order.

This module is also available on the Odoo Apps Store. Click Here to download the module from the Odoo Apps Store.

There are the following benefits of gts_ product_reserve_quantity software for small businesses:
1. Easily understandable: 

The employee may easily go through the software. They can easily use the software in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities they do not require any special training regarding software.

2. Customizati​on: 

Each software needs updating after some time, the customization of the software is easy in terms of cost and maintenance.

3. Decision-making: 

Enhance the decision-making process within the organization. The organization makes quick decisions on the data provided by them and it will help in saving time.

4. Data-Transparency: 

When we export or re-enter the data of our organization the possibility of errors will be high. The software will help the organization to reduce the number of errors.

5. Scalable: 

The size of an organization does not matter. The software will be applicable to any kind of organization, the organization may customize the number of users according to their requirements.

6. Supportive: 

The users of the software are globally supported by the Odoo forum via the mailing system.

How to use it:-
* Firstly, we Go to Sales=>Orders Menu==> Orders items. 
* Now we create a sale order from Quotation, select a customer, and then Add a Product and its quantity. Then Click on the Confirm button.
* When Sale Order is confirmed, a Delivery Order will be generated. Click on Delivery.
* To reserve the quantity. Click on the Reserved Qty button against the Demanded quantity (which is 13 here).
* A new wizard will open on clicking the reserved qty button. Enter the quantity to be reserved for the product. Now, click on reserve the quantity of the product by clicking on the reserve button.


* Now you can see the quantity of the product is now reserved (Here Reserved quantity is 10).

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