Partial production during manufacturing

Partial Production during Manufacturing

Let us introduce you to a module that gives you the flexibility of handling partial productions during manufacturing.

During production, not every time the complete order is processed in one go, so it is frequently required that we should be able to process the manufacturing orders partially.

To facilitate this requirement, we have come up with a module that allows us to do partial productions from our manufacturing order and accordingly update stock in the inventory.

Let's have the step-by-step demo:

  • Bill of material for Computer Desk Product.
  • Now, lets create a manufacturing order for 5 quantities of the computer desk product.
  • After checking the availability, and once raw material is available ‘Do Partial’ button becomes visible.
  • Now, let's partially produce only 3 quantities of product out of the 5 initially planned.
  • We can check that raw materials consumed and reduced from stock is for 3 products only.
  • 3 quantities of the products are produced and increased in stock. We can check the finished products.
  • Now, let's complete the production by producing the remaining 2 quantities and checking consumed raw materials.

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This module is also available on the Odoo App Store. Click Here to download the module from the Odoo App Store.