Make To Order in Odoo

 Make To Order in Odoo

Make-to-order is quite a robust feature in manufacturing systems that offers the functionality to manufacture any product only after we have received a sale order from a customer.

There can be many scenarios where we do not want to stock products in our inventory or where we sell products customized according to the needs of customers and many others. So, we cannot just manufacture and stock our products and then try to sell them, instead, we can have the option to start the manufacturing process only after a customer has placed their order.

There can be different sets of combinations to use the make-to-order feature in Odoo:  
Manufacture and make-to-order:

This model automatically creates a manufacturing order whenever a sale is confirmed for the product.

In a product, go to the inventory tab and configure the routes as manufacture and make-to-order.
Create a Bill of materials (BOM) for that product.
Now, we create a sale order for the configured product. Create a quotation and click on confirm the sale.
We can see that the status of the delivery order for the above sale order is ‘waiting for another operation’.
This means that a manufacturing order must have been created against this sale order, and unless the manufacturing is confirmed, the products cannot be delivered.
A manufacturing order is created, the source for which is sale order SO038. 
We record production and mark the manufacturing order as done.
We can see that the status of the delivery order automatically gets updated to ‘ready.

Now, we can validate the delivery, and our sale is complete.

Purchase and make-to-order:

This model automatically creates a purchase order for the products whenever a sale is confirmed. 

In the product, go to inventory tab and select routes as ‘Buy’ and ‘Make To Order’.

In the Purchase tab, select a vendor for the product. 
Create sale order for the product, confirm the order and go to the delivery created.
We can see that a purchase order has been created with the source document as sale order SO039
Click on validate and receive the products.

As soon as we receive the products the status of the delivery order gets updated to ‘Ready’. We validate the delivery and finish the sale.

Automate both manufacturing and procurement through sale. (Buy + Manufacture + Make to Order)

Case: -

We need to sell 100 quantities of the product ‘Desk Combination’.

The bill of materials for desk combination has 3 products:

  • Office chair black
  • Corner desk black
  • Drawer black

We manufacture this product desk combination.

We buy the products included in the bill of materials for desk combination.

For the product ‘Desk Combination’, select the routes ‘Manufacture’ and ‘Make To Order’.

For the products in BOM of Desk Combination, configure the routes ‘Buy’ and ‘Make To Order’. Also, configure vendors in the purchase tab of the product.

Now, we create a sale order for ‘Desk Combination’.
We can see that delivery order is in the state of ‘Waiting for another operation’.
As soon as we confirm the sale order, a manufacturing order gets created for the main product i.e Desk Combination. We can see, source is SO040 that we just created. Also, status of ‘materials availability’ is coming as ‘waiting’.
As soon as the manufacturing order gets created, a purchase order is automatically created for the materials needed to manufacture the main product Desk Combination.
We confirm the purchase order and receive the products.
If we have received some of the raw materials, but some quantities are still pending, the material availability status will continue to show ‘partially available’.

When we have procured all the products and completed the manufacturing order, the status of the delivery order gets updated to ‘Ready’.

We can now deliver the products and finish our sale.