Logs Update Email Notifications to Followers

This module allows email notification to all the followers when anything changes on followed document or form view.

In case you are unable to keep up with the updates done in the documents related to you, it is certain that you are prone to miss out on essential opportunities. So, we have come up with this module such that followers of a document are aware of the changes even without logging in.

  • Configuration : Enable the notifications from Settings > General Settings menu.
  • Here we can see, followers of the Sale Order SO025 are Administrator and Agrolait

  • Now in the sale order, discount and total is updated for which a notification email gets generated.

  • Here is the email to the followers of SO025.

For any query or to get this module please contact us at info@geotechnosoft.com .

This module also available on odoo App Store . Click Here to download module from Odoo App Store.


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