KIT Sale Price Module

 KIT Sale Price

Before we start, we must be aware of what KIT is! A single selling unit comprising various components is called a KIT. In this module, we can easily make the kit-type Bill of material and the number of components is visible as well.

We at GEOTECHNOSOFT, being a highly valued ODOO Implementation Partner, have deep knowledge of the multidimensional framework of Odoo Modules development. To help over the longer term and simplify the up-gradation process of Odoo versions, here in this article, you will go through an example of how you can set this scenario on your system, and how you will execute it.

This module gives you flexibility, especially through the App for small businesses or large businesses.

You can find this module on the Odoo App Store. Click Here to download the module From the Odoo App Store.

There are the following benefits of gts_kit_sales_price software for small businesses:
1. Easily understandable: 

The employee easily goes through the software. They can easily use the software in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities; they do not require any special training regarding software. All required things are available in an easy to grab also.

2. Customization: 

Each software needs updating after some time, the customization of the software is easy in terms of cost and maintenance.

3. Decision-making: 

Enhance the decision-making process within the organization. The organization makes quick decisions on the data provided by them and it will help in saving time.

4. Data-Transparency: 

When we export or re-enter the data of our organization the possibility of errors will be high. The software will help the organization to reduce the number of errors.

5. Scalable: 

The size of an organization does not matter. The software will apply to any kind of organization, the organization may customize the number of users according to their requirements.

6. Supportive: 

The users of the software are globally supported by the Odoo forum via the mailing system.

Guide on How to Use:-
Product View.
Firstly, we Go to the Manufacturing Menu. Here you can see the Product sub menu and create a product. 
 After clicking on the Bill of Material, you can redirect to this page.
Now we will add product components.
Below in the total amount field, you can see the bundle amount.
Below in the total amount field, you can see the bundle amount.

When you create a sale order for this product bundle price will be added automatically.
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