Introduction to GEO Contract

Introduction to GEO Contract

Let's deep dive into the world of GEO Contract, a cutting-edge module developed on the ODOO ERP platform. 

The whole objective of this module is to manage the Vehicle Rental End to end-to-end business.
Odoo has default Contact, Quotation, Sales Order, Invoicing, Accounting, Finance, and Many Businesses Management Module. GTS Contract is designed on top of the default module to manage your contract smartly and effectively.
If your Company is using Odoo or planning to implement ODOO and wants to manage your contact effectively this module might help, this module works on the community as well enterprise version of Odoo.
ODOO is an Open-Source Framework, meaning you will the access to source code, and you can add or customize features based on Unique Business Processes if required otherwise this module covers most of the business process.

GEO CLM Benefit

GEO Contract at a Glance:
  • Independent Module.
  • Complete Stage Management Like CRM.
  • Contact Can be linked with Client and Vendor.
  • Advance Filter to See Running and Expired Contracts.
  • Contract Termination Management
  • Attachment of the Contract and records of all the versions.
  • Contact Analysis Report.
Contract Life Cycle
GEO Contract can make your business easy. How?
  • Easy and meaningful dashboard
  • Advance Filter and Group feature to search anything from the database.
  • Highly integrated features like smart buttons, quick view, on-the-fly new record creation, and breadcrumbs.
  • There are different views, like Kanban, list view, calendar view, graph view, and pivot view.
  • Users can make their custom reports and dashboards.
  • Integrated Calendar for Meeting Invites to Understand the Requirements of Your Client.
  • Email, SMS, and WhatsApp integration.
  • Reusability of data
  • Excel/CSV Import and Export Feature
  • Mobile App and 100% responsive design: Yes, we have it, and your user can use any device to use the application.
  • Cloud-based: You just need a browser, and you can access it from anywhere.
  • Secure: SSL encryption, two-factor automation, and many other securities ensure your database is secure.
  • Can be hosted on your cloud (local, AWS, Google, or anywhere). 
  • No Software Cost: Yes, you got it right; this is free for a lifetime. You will also own the code and software, and you can create unlimited users. 
  • Multi-company and multi-branch support 
  • Multi-currency support 
  • Multi-Language Support: The entire application works in your local language. 
  • Access Rights Based on User Role: Your user can access the application for what they are allowed.
Walkthrough of Application
Contract Menu
Default View of the Contract.
Create a Contract Form ​Here:
List View Of Contract
If you want to terminate any contract, click on terminate.
Here You can explain the reason for termination.
After Termination, a ribbon will be shown like this.
Filter: Magical filter option

Can Create contract stages, contract types, and tags.
Create contract stages.
Create contract Type.