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In today’s world of business, recruitment has become hugely competitive. By using the best recruitment software for agencies, you can streamline your recruitment process and improve your efficiency ten-fold. Selection of the best candidate for the job is a comprehensive process where a series of steps need to be planned and coordinated – from the identification of the vacancy to the organization of all stages in the process and the hiring of the new employee.

This article looks at how recruitment software could benefit your business:


GEO Recruit module automates and manages your organization’s recruitment and staffing operations, simplifying the process from start to finish. delivers enterprise hiring solutions across every stage of the talent journey.  

GEO Recruit is a module developed on ODOO ERP using ODOO Framework. The whole objective of this module is to manage the entire recruitment of an organization or recruitment/Staffing agency. Odoo has a default recruitment module which has very limited feature and the GEO recruitment module make this module more powerful. 

Odoo recruitment module does not support the business flow of recruitment agencies or the company that manages their client recruitment. If you are a staffing agency and planning for software to support your recruitment process, application tracking and client requirement then GEO Recruit is the best application for you, On top of that, you will get out-of-box ODOO ERP to manage your other processes of business, for example, ERP, Sales Automation, Purchase Management, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Employee Timesheet, Internal HRMS, CMS bases website, Job Portal integrated with Recruitment module and even more than 7000 Module available by the ODOO community. ODOO is an Open-Source Framework, meaning you will have access to source code, and you can add or customize features based on Unique Business Processes if required otherwise GTS Recruit covers most of the business process. 

GEO Recruit helps with what your client is looking for!

It’s essential to do a periodic gut check on what clients look for from their staffing agency and third-party recruiting business to challenge preconceived notions and better serve clients’ needs.

1. Faster Hiring Process - 

Recruitment firms will save a lot of time and fill the positions as quickly as possible with suitable candidates. With the large pool of databases and a network of connections, we can say candidates shortlisted by hiring firms will be fit for your criteria. They have the expertise to find candidates faster than organizations.

2. Perfect Candidates - 

To hire quality employees with the right skillsets requires a lot of research, background checking, and a great deal of planning. They deal with candidates on a daily basis and are experts at conducting interviews. There is very less chance of finding bad candidates when we go through recruitment services.

3 . Proper Recruitment Knowledge -  

With the proper knowledge about technical roles the hiring companies have the proper can spot skills that your in-house team will miss, this is sole because of a dedicated team available just for hiring for a specific skill set.

4 . Extensive Knowledge of the Market -  

If any company looking for specific skillsets in a candidate and it gets hard to find a suitable candidate who fits their bill.  Priceless market knowledge is the key to finding the best talent available, career expectations, salary and more. 

5. Additional Services - 

Preparing a final list of suitable candidates is not the end of the process, background check also comes and it's a time-consuming process. It becomes necessary to consider the additional services given by the hiring firm while choosing them. 

GTS Recruit at a Glance:

1. Client Management

2. Job Profile or Position Management

3. Candidate or Application Management

4. Job Portal 

GTS Recruit makes your recruiter life easy, How?

1. Easy and Meaningful dashboard

2. Advance Filter and Group feature to search anything from the database

3. Highly integrated features like smart buttons, quick view, on-fly new record

creation, and Breadcrumbs.

4. Different views like Kanban, List View, Calendar View, Graph View, and Pivot View.

5. User can make their custom reports and dashboards.

6. Integrated Calendar for Meeting Invites for Interviews or understanding the

job requirements of your client.

7. Email, SMS and WhatsApp Integration, No Client software is required.

8. Reusability of data.

9. CV/Resume Parsing, Meaning just attach pdf or word file of CV and Machine

Learning is applied to read the entire data from your CV and your candidate data is

filled automatically. Even you can bulk upload the CV.

10. Linked In Integration, just fill LinkedIn ID and Candidate Data is ready.

11. Excel/CSV import and Export Feature.

12. Mobile App and 100% responsive design – Yes, we have it and your user

can use any device to use the application.

13. Cloud-Based – You just need a browser, and you can access it from anywhere.

14. Secure – SSL encrypted, Two Factor Automatization and many other

securities which ensure your database is secure.

15. Can be hosted on your cloud – Local, AWS Google or anywhere.

16. No Software Cost – Yes you got it right, this is Free and for lifetime, also you 

will own the code and software, and you can create unlimited users.

17. Multi Company and Multibranch Support.

18. Multicurrency Support.

19. Multi-Language Support – The entire application work in your own local language.

20. Access Rights Based on user role - Your user can access the application for

what they are allowed.

21. Publish and Unpublish any job profile to your job portal and collect the CV.

It is CMS bases meaning you can custom design and give your brand

look and feel your Job Page. 

Walkthrough of Application:
1. Login Page: Yes this will be the customer page as per your company theme.
2. Job Profile Dashboard

Beautiful dashboard, all job posting with their stage with the count, Kanban view with a card where you can see a number of positing in particular job positing, who is the client for that job position, what is the deadline, how many applications came for that job position and most important how many hired. Well, you can also the who the recruiter working on the job position.

• To move the job position from one stage to another just darg it – Simple

• To Create the new job position just hit create button 

Job Profile Form 

• Directly map applicants on the Job profile form, and also update their status.• Even you can create new applicants for job positions. 

3. Client - Kanban view of the client 

List view of the client 

Click on Create and you can simply create a new client 

• Every contact will be either individual or company.

• In case of individuals, you can map which individual belongs to which company.

• You can map the account manager in every client.

• You can add multiple contacts in one company like the CEO, Accountant, COO even Multiple

Address and Branch.

• Yup you have a smart button to see how many jobs position belongs to this client.

• You can directly create meeting and send a meeting invite even you to have a log that how many meetings you have done with the client so far. 

4. Candidate

Kanban view 

Candidate list view 

• Quick view of the candidate.

• Quick SMS sending option.

• You can custom your own list view.

• Quick Download button to export your data in Excel.

Click on create button and you can create a new candidate.

• You have all that you need to keep in your candidate database.

• Upload resume or CV and the smart OCR plugin will read the file and fill all important

information automatically – Reduce data entry time.

• LinkedIn API – just put candidate LinkedIn ID and click on fetch data and save your data entry time.

• Smart button to see this candidate applied for how many job positions, Why is called a smart button because when you click on it, it will take you on the record and if multiple records it will show the list view.

• Yup to schedule an interview with a candidate or your users you have a calendar smart button just click and schedule, It works like same as another calendar, the candidate can accept, reject or decline the meeting request. It can be synced with your google calendar or phone calendar.

• Yes, you can tag the recruiter with the candidate too so that you know who is working with him.

• Dedicated list view to add candidate experience. 

• List view to see all linked job position of that candidate.

5. Reports 

Powerful pivot view 

6. Framework Feature

Search Bar: 

You can find this search bar on every page, which gives the user the power to find relevant data from a huge database. 

Just click, start typing and select the field you are looking for. 

Filter: Magical filter option 

If you feel there are very few options then click on add custom filter and see the magic. You will get all the fields of that form. You have all the logical Boolean or logical operators (OR, AND) to filter out your data. 


Yes, we have for you, you can Group by your data, see the screen blow 

For more options, you can simply click on add custom group. Let me do the above record group as Recruiter.

List view of the group by

Kanban view of Group by 


Yes, you spent too much time filtering or grouping your data and you want to save it for the future, we have a solution for that even you can share this with your other users and make a filtered report as default. 

Pivot View: 

We have for you that you should not miss Excel where you can design everything on your own, Because of this view we claim we have the best software for your reporting requirement here you can make your custom reports of any available data. How you use pivot view more effectively we will share video links, here I am just attaching one screen to give you an idea.  


You got it right! Since it is developed on ODOO ERP you can use more than 7000 Apps that are available with the ERP, meaning it is not just the staffing process management software, it is a suite of Business Applications or Recruitment ERP for your Staffing Business.

Apps which is available for you in FREE is: 

GEO Recruit module administers and manages the processes related to the selection and hiring of candidates for vacancies within the organization and at the same time stores and systematizes the entire information about the received applications.

If you have any queries or you are seeking consultancy and a demo feel free to call us we are here to help you.