GEOTECHNOSOFT has always maintained the high-level standards and practices of implementing Odoo to the end customer. We have great experience in ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, POS, Inventory Management, e-Commerce, Mobile Application, Web Development, DB migration, ERP Training, and ERP Customization By using this module you will be able to get employee Geo Location and Geo Address when employee check In and Check Out. When an employee makes his/her attendance the geolocation is automatically recorded. It is very helpful because you can know and identify where your employee was at that time when he/she checked in and also at the time of checkout.

You can also see the location of an employee on Google map as well.

Here is the mentioned step below on how you can use this Screenshot of the module: 

1. Check i​n and Check out With the Check In and Check Out you can get the exact Date Time and Location of the Employee.
 2. Attendance The Second step is attendance, here the proper addresses will be visible.​
3. Find the employee location on Google Maps!

This module is quite useful for your business as you may find your employee address and location very easily. You must go through this module and save your time and money as well. 

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