A complete guide to e-invoicing in India

GeoTechnosoft E-invoice Module for ODOO V11 to V15 (title)


E-Invoices or electronic invoices are the digital, machine-readable versions of India’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) invoices. They have been introduced to reduce tax evasion. The E-invoicing system applies to the GST registered persons whose aggregate turnover in the financial year exceeds Rs. 20 crore. India’s GST Council has approved the phased implementation of e-Invoicing for reporting business-to-business (B2B) invoices using the GST system. It first started on January 1st, 2020 on a voluntary basis. The big question that comes to everyone’s mind is how, and where we can do all the processes easy. Here we are introducing our E-INVOICE MODULE where you can go throw all your query done and generate your E-INVOICE very smoothly. Only you need to follow the guidelines follow below.

firstly we need to register with any GSP (GST SUVIDHA PROVIDER) to get the API access to generate an e-invoice, but here we are integrating with tax pro-GSP to generate E-invoice .you can register your e-invoice throw mentioned link….

After getting registered

1. you can simply download our E-INVOICE MODULE

2. Instal the module

3. After that need to submit your credential here which you get from

  1. Tax pro

2. e-invoice portal

3. Next you go to invoice under accounting and get a check box, here you must choose according to your need or you can skip it.

4. After generating your e-invoice with QR CODE you need to print the invoice with the print option. here you can see the details also.

5. You can verify your generated QR CODE with scanning

E-Invoicing India is increasingly mandated by the government of India particularly to avoid tax evasion. Odoo is listed as a qualified e-invoicing solution provider in India, GEOTECHNOSOFT introduce us to the E-INVOICE MODULE with which you can get all the processes just in a few clicks. Get in touch with us for the E-invoice module for ODOO V11 to V15.