Benefits of Conducting a Requirement Assessment Before Choosing the ERP Software

Benefits of Conducting a Requirement Assessment Before Choosing the ERP Software

Deciding to implement an ERP is a major decision for any organization, many factors need to be considered, and there is a lot on the line for both the business' potential for growth and the people overseeing the selection process. 

An ERP assessment can allow you to evaluate your existing ERP system (if you have one), assess your business requirements to determine the feasibility of a successful implementation and provide you with a ballpark estimate of how much the implementation or upgrade will cost. GeoTecnosoft as the official ODOO partner offers you all your odds solutions under one roof, with the help of our experts you will get the best solutions and services here.

Why undergo an ERP assessment?

We all want to do our best to ensure that your business has the best solution for its own unique set of requirements. To that end, here are some useful considerations that can help improve your software selection process.  One way to ensure success is to carry out an ERP assessment. Even if a company can gather vast amounts of money, it can squander it through poor planning and execution processes. The goal of this assessment is to help you identify areas for improvement in the major areas of your business technologies.

For Organizations looking to implement ERP for the first time, an assessment can help in determining:

  • A complete and clear roadmap
  • How ready you are for a cloud ERP implementation?
  • To identify systems that will become irrelevant after the implementation of the ERP.
  • Estimate the time frame the entire implementation process takes.
  • Identify the factors that can interrupt and cause delay. 
  • To assess the total cost of ownership against the benefits that the best ERP software would bring to the organization.
  • The data and business processes you need to change to enhance implementation efficiency.
  • pinpoint areas of the existing infrastructure that might require modification before installing ERP software.
  • To check where your sales revenue leaks are and determine how ERP can help seal them.
  • changes need to be made to your existing infrastructure to get the most out of the investment.

For organisations that already have an ERP in place, but are not able to leverage its capabilities to the fullest, an assessment can help in determining:

  • challenges you are facing with the current software.
  • Know the current state of the software solution.
  • Measure how business growth and expansion may have affected the existing ERP platform.
  • How you are using the software, and to what extent the existing ERP system is meeting business needs
  • To measure the cost of running the software and see if you can afford an upgrade.
  • Potential risks, and areas that need improvement
  • Opportunities for improving business processes, and generating additional value.
  • Determine areas of the software that might require improvement.

However, the success of the ERP implementation process is the bottom line. A needs assessment allows the organization to be thoughtful about what the motivations are and what the necessary changes will need to be to move forward with a successful procurement and implementation. GEOTECHNOSOFT, your Odoo Implementation partner helps you to analyze the level of investment that your organization is going to make on this procurement and reveals what works, what doesn't, and which areas could require improvement. Our services are available in Noida, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Dubai Saudi, and Germany. 

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